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How has high Fructose Syrup changing the intestines gone bad.

The Fructose Connection - has it's own specialized system for uptake in the intestines:

Posted: February 12, 2018
By: RW Smith DC, DABCI

Because vegetables and fruit provide high levels of specialized chemicals call phytonutrients, the body has developed ways to tolerate excess levels of fructose for longer periods of time - such as when a vegetable or fruit crop comes into season- so we can load up on the beneficial phytonutrients.This evolutionary biological adaptation provides for rapid storage of fat as triglycerides in times of abundances an phytonutrients to aid in promulgation of diverse intestinal microbiotia. In the case of corn syrup fructose, this genetic adaptation for optimum survival of the receptors mGLUT5 and to a lesser extent mGLUT2 has been hijacked. The continual unending supply of triglycerides produced, without phytonutrients to dampen the impact of ROS/ROI on mitochondrial and endoplasmic systems has over take the primary position of dietary induced damage that FATS, in the form of dietary lipids ever obtained in history. A link for the corn toll.

The connections of IBS irritable bowel syndrome and fructose are known but what is unappreciated is the SIBO small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is a fructose upregulated phenomenon. This is the connection of serotonin, melatonin -Tryptophan, LPS lipopolysaccharides TLR4 Quinolinic Acid "brain fog", Central Sensitization of Pain. Basically type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, depression and fibromyalgia.

This is how fructose becomes a problem even into the mitochondria.


The fructose causes the intestines to become over loaded and sets up the bacterial over growth due to reduced motility and abundance of corn syrup eating bacteria become the dominate flora types. This cause increased methane and/or hydrogen sulfidewith damages normal mitochondrial function.

So Corn Syrup is really not just sugar - with a bigger impact on our liver - the new liver toxin for children and teenagers.

The Toxic factor of fructose is dose dependent.


More on the connection to Fibromyalgiapain and stomach -intestinal problems.