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Testimonials- Success Stories * DISCLAIMER* Logically - Results may vary for any individual.

Here is a sample of the results experienced by our patients.
*"For as many years as I have been in pain, I didn't know it was possible to feel normal again. I've never met a doctor as thorough as Dr. Smith who gave me hope for a normal future."
- CW

I had not seen a chiropractor in forever.  After all, it had worked for my maternal grandmother and she is still washing and cooking at 91 years old.    When I arrived at the chiropractic appointment, I did not sit for fear of not being able to get out of the chair.  The pain had my right leg numb and somewhat dragging.  I left the appointment with no pain and mobility I had not experienced in months.  Years later, the chiropractor retired, and I was left with no referrals.  I managed for about a year and finally could no longer stand the pain.  I opened the telephone book to the yellow pages. 

     I called two other chiropractors for an appointment.  As a new patient, it would be a week or two to obtain an appointment.  I then called Dr. Smith's office.  Not only was the staff cordial and receptive; they were also very understanding of the urgency due to the pain.  

       I was seen the very next morning.  My initial visit consisted of lots of personal information which was never asked at other doctors' visits.  Dr. Smith was interested in my lifestyle, eating habits, nutritional supplements or vitamins, exercise routines, sleep patterns or problems with sleep, work environment and stress levels, prior medical care and the results from said care.   He questioned and noted my responses.  I was beside myself with the interest this doctor had taken, before he addressed the back-pain issue. Once the x-rays were taken and the adjustment was complete, I again met with Dr. Smith before I left the office.  He inquired about my treatment, my pain and mobility.  He answered any questions I had regarding my spinal injury.  We discussed future visits and treatment that would hopefully alleviate the pain of the injury. We discussed nutritional and lifestyle changes and/or recommendations which would facilitate a healthier spine.     

He was so informative.  Never had I felt as though my entire well-being had been treated, along with my initial complaint.  It has now been so many years since that  initial visit, I can't even remember the year I met Dr. Smith.  I still see him occasionally for the spinal injury.  Just as a friend concerns themselves with your well-being; Dr. Smith still concerns himself with your general well-being.  His practice has branched out to offer other health services which address your well-being in greater detail. Through the years, there have been other health issues which have arisen with age, lifestyles, work environment, nutrition, etc.  Now more than ever, my entire well-being is treated with each appointment.  The experience and added health services have proven to heal more than my spinal injury; without prescribed medications and their side-effects.  For the first time in my adult life, I am living without antibiotics, allergy injections, or pain medication. 

      The shame is, insurance companies have yet to realize the benefits of this health professional’s services as I have. My trust and thanks go to a doctor; whom truly cares about the welfare and well-being of his patients, Dr. Robert Smith. 

- Thanks Doc!   CC              



*"Excellent treatment experience."
- MB 

**"I feel great - Thanks for making me feel much better." 
- Anonymous 


-I am a 51-year-old male, with no real history of problems, but my last few years had found me on multiple prescribed medications for all sorts of problems, not the least of which was high blood pressure, soaring cholesterol, etc.  I came to Dr. Smith in December of 2009, experiencing constant pain in my lower back, along with a host of lesser ailments.  I had already been to traditional orthopedic doctors, who wanted to perform exploratory surgery.  I also sought out the services of an accredited acupuncturist.  All of this was a considerable waste of time and money and I was still miserable with pain.  I was taking pain medications daily just to be able to make it through the day. 

     I decided to give chiropractic care a try.  Ultimately, I chose Dr. Smith because of his educational background and the multiple chiropractic disciplines he utilizes.  I was skeptical during my first few visits; it seemed that all we did was fill out questionnaires, medical histories, symptom profiles, do blood work, and various tests, both physical and psychological.  I was still in pain!  All along, Dr. Smith explained each step, and the reason(s) why it was necessary.  But I was still in pain every day of my life. 

     Over the previous year, I had gained more weight than ever, I could not exercise at all and my back hurt worse than I could have imagined.

     Then the day finally came when I got all the results…I received a three-ring binder full of information.  I was not prepared for the level of detail that Dr. Smith provided me, which included a comprehensive plan to restore my health and eliminate my pain.  I was still skeptical, but at least there was a plan in place.  I might add here that although I have seen many doctors in my years, I had NEVER encountered a professional that was more thorough and comprehensive than Dr. Smith proved to be.

      I started the program Dr, Smith prescribed for me on January 14th of 2010.  At the time of this writing, I am virtually pain free!   I cannot remember the last time I took a Tylenol, much less anything stronger!  I played kickball with my daughter last weekend!  I can now even cut my own grass!  Also, I lost some weight…  I was tilting the scales at 290 on January 14th but on Easter morning, April 4th, I weighed 232, a loss of 58 pounds! 

     My results may not be typical, but it has changed my life!  I feel better than I have in more than 5 years.  I sleep soundly now, all night long.  I wake up full of energy.  I am now blessed with a zest for life rather than the dread I faced each day just a few months ago.  In every measurable or definable way, I am physically and mentally better than I was before I came to Dr. Smith.

    I can recommend his service without reservation whatsoever.  I am a new, and improved man because of him. 

- TW



*"Thank you Dr. Smith - the pain is gone and I feel better than I have in the past 20 years." 
- Anonymous

*"Excellent Care he takes the time to really listen to you." 
- Anonymous

*"Very thorough, caring, compassionate, and willing to adjust his schedule if need be to get the patient in."
- Anonymous

*"Thank you for your genuine help. I almost cannot believe I was in such a pain a few months ago. Nowadays I am working normally and almost have completely forgotten about my pain - I don't even think about it anymore. You both have been my best team to help me to my recovery. And I can't thank you both enough. Know that I will never forget your wonderful kindness and professional services. And I also thank you both for helping my daughter. She always thinks highly of both of you and I agree with her, too."
- ST

*"Thanks for your dedication to your practice and the desire to make all your patients more aware of how to live a better/healthier life."
- KG

*"He has helped me so much words can't express how I feel....really enjoy talking with him and he makes you feel like he's in the battle with you....never been to a doctor who will sit and take time like he does...1 in a million.....thanks for all ya'll do."
- WK

*"I have been going to Dr Smith for nearly ten years and first went to him for help with back problems. He was also able to help me with other problems such as arm pains, leg pains and headaches. In 2001 I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes by my general practitioner and was making some headway in lowering the numbers, but I was having to take lots of expensive medications. There were other problems associated with the diabetes such as being overweight, high blood pressure, sinus problems and teeth problems. At one point I was spending about $1000 a month on all the various meds and wasn't making the progress I'd hoped for, so I quit taking everything as I ran out. The problems continued and I asked Dr Smith if he knew of anything I could do to help and he gave me a detailed patient questionnaire to fill out. Then he took the time to do a full evaluation of that information and decided to have me get some lab work done to find out what the numbers were like. After reviewing all the findings he worked up a plan for me to follow to cope with the diabetes and other problems. There was no call for medicines but he did suggest a dramatic dietary change coupled with using various vitamins and supplements. Since that time just over a year ago my weight has dropped almost fifty pounds, my numbers have improved greatly, I no longer have high blood pressure, my pulse pressure and rate have improved, and I have fewer sinus problems. Also, the weight loss has helped with the back problems I had first gone to see him about. Dr Smith has been such a valuable asset in my health care that I now consider him to be my primary health care provider. If I have the flu or bronchitis I will visit the general practitioner but Dr Smith will remain my number one choice to deal with most health issues. Anyone who thinks all chiropractors only deal with muscular and skeletal problems can learn a valuable lesson by consulting with Dr Smith for many other problems, and can benefit from his professional help."
- DP

*"Our names are TC and EC. We have been patients of Dr. Robert W. Smith since 1986. Our children and, now, our grandchildren also see him. Dr. Smith has been a godsend to our family. Neither TC nor I would be walking today if it weren't for Dr. Smith. I can't begin to tell you how caring Dr. Smith is. You can always reach him, day or night. You don't have to talk to an answering service. He will do whatever it takes to make things better. He has helped us in so many ways, not just chiropractic. If we have any questions or concerns about other health issues, Dr. Smith will lead us in the right direction. He is so much more than a chiropractor. Dr. Smith goes above and beyond the realm of continuing education in all aspects of healthcare. We call Dr. Smith for our second opinions. He has NEVER steered us wrong. Thanks Dr. Smith for all you do. We really appreciate you."
- TC and EC

*"I came to Dr. Smith on a referral of a close friend. My neck was stiff and I had numbing pain that would render my left arm useless. After a round of pain killers from my medical doctor and several unfruitful sessions with a physical therapist, I finally gave in and did something that I swore that I would never do! Go see a chiropractor. Contrary to my expectations of b

* DISCLAIMER* Results may vary for any individual.