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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Smith has been helping people live without pain in his chiropractic clinic in Baton Rouge, LA 70806. As a chiropractor internist with experience he is committed to promoting health and living without dependency for pain relief.


Prevention is not Just the name of a magazine, it is KNOWING HOW TO LIVE WELL

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Dr. Robert Smith

Doctor of Chiropractic

Meet the Doctor of today

Graduated from Logan University in 1984, where he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Smith returned to Baton Rouge. He continued his education through Texas Chiropractic College and successfully completed the course requirements as a Chiropractic Internist in 1991 -this is a alternative medicine type called Functional medicine.

For my new patient, I want to say thank you for looking into my office. I have been in practice now for over 33 years but can say that information and technology has greatly change many of the procedures we can use to help patients. First, the understanding of the what it means to be very healthy has evolved as the science-base of knowledge has exploded. This requires a radical re examining of the basics. Like the details of what sickness and illness really are. We do not go from healthy and happy one day to sick the next in most cases. Yes, we do have the major accidents and such, but the illnesses of a chronic nature are linked into more of the subtle beginnings. According to the Center for Disease Control most of these can be limited or even eliminated by changes what we are doing. Most of the needed changes for health do not involve a new prescription drug to make our life better (or selling sickness). From the internal disorders, to pain and chronic pain management, like chronic lower back, fibromyalgia -brain fog, small intestinal bacterial over growth induced pain, neck- face temporal mandibular dysfunction pain and migraine headaches. Acquired Mitochondrial dysfunctions type 2 diabetes. Genetics did not magically change is 2 generation and it is more than just the right diet or supplement. It is about have patients who are empowered to become healthy.

How does diet, health, exercise, and pain intersect with today’s rapidly expanding information? The answers are what are missing as a vital link to regaining or keeping health.

My Health Care Philosophy:
  • I respect the body’s inherent ability to heal, and to work to facilitate the natural healing process.
  • I believe that natural therapies generally provide the safest and most cost effective way to prevent disease. Natural therapies should be the foundation for preventing illness and optimizing health.
  • I will endeavor to find natural remedies and recommend them whenever possible, and to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.
  • I limit the use of procedures and modern diagnostic testing techniques whenever possible, but use them when necessary.
  • I believe in educating my patients on diet, lifestyle, and proper use of natural therapies which allows people to be empowered over their own health.
  • I believe that every person is unique in the way their body functions.  I will listen carefully to you, my patient.

Other Education and Bio information 




R.O.T.C. - Distinguished Cadet Citation

  • Brooks Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

Medical Field Specialist, Graduation 1977

  • HQ. Company 769th LA.N.G. 
  • Ryan Airport Armory  - Soldier of the Year - 1977
  • 769th LANG Combat Engineers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Medical Attachment to Earl K. Long Hospital, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Service 1977-1980

Attached To:

 Camp Beauregard Medical Station, Fort Chaffee, Arkansas to Unit Drills to

  • Respiratory   Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
  • Coroners Unit
  • Emergency Care Unit
  • Premature Neonatal Unit and Neonatal Unit

Attached To:

Missouri National Guard 1044th CBT Engineer HVY. 

Medical Support Group, Service 1980 - 1983

  • Fort Riley, Kansas
  • Air Guard Flight Surgeons Office

Honorable Discharge - Missouri National Guard

Honorable Discharge - Louisiana National Guard



Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana

  • Pre-Chiropractic (Zoology Major)
  • Fall 1977 - 1980 Maintained Dean's List


Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Bachelor of Science, August 1982 Maintained Dean's List




Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Doctor of Chiropractic 1984

·Graduated in upper 15 percentile of class

Appointed to Fellowship of Academy Clinical Specialist

(Membership limited to 15% of class based on Academic and Clinical Department Standing)

Lindell Hospital Internship, St. Louis, Missouri

Completed Modular Rotation

  • Cardiovascular Diagnostic Facility
  • Postoperative Unit


  • Dale C. Montgomery Health Care Facility, St. Louis, Missouri




American Chiropractic Association

Post-Graduate Radiology Studies 150 Class hours, St. Louis, Missouri

1985    L. John Faye, D.C.

            Motion Palpation Institute

1986    Kim Christenson, D.C.

              “Sports Injuries and Spinal Bio-Mechanics”

J. David Cassidy, D.C., B.Sc., F.C.C.S.

“Review Current Research Data Spinal Rehabilitation of Injuries to the Lumbar Spine”

1986-88 Diplomate Program in Internal Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine

300 hours in Physical Examination, Blood Interpretation, Neuromuscular

                       Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Disease Processes, Pulmonary Function

                       and Urine Evaluation. , Cardiovascular Arteriovascular Disease Evaluation,

                        EKG, Ecological and Allergic Diseases Evaluation, and Neoplastic Diseases and  

                      Nutritional Counseling

1987    Certified Pulmonary Function Technician

Henry Glidmeyer, Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

1989    Pettibon Bio-Mechanics Institute

“Spinal Bio-Physics, 90 Class hours”

1989    Terry Yochum, D.C., D.A.C.B.R.

            Adjunct Professor Radiology, L.A. College Chiropractic

            Neil Baum, M.D.


            Warren T. Jahn, D.C., D.A.C.B.O.

            Post-Graduate Faculty, National College Chiropractic

1990    Charles Herring, D.C.

                        The Herring Cervical Motion Unit: A New Concept in Motion Therapy”

            Stephen M. Foreman, D.C., D.A.B.C.O. and Darryl D. Curl, D.D.S., D.C.

                        Whiplash Injuries: Biomechanics of Injury and Patient Examination

1991    Serge Gracovetsky, PhD.

Non-Invasive Assessment of Spinal Function”

            Louis Sportelli, D.C.

Documentation: The Key to a More Efficient and Productive Professional Practice

1992    Patrick Venditti, D.C.

                        Working With Industry

1993    Thomas R. Daly, J.D.

                        OSHA Regulations

            Richard E. Garde, D.C.

               “Biomechanics of the Central Nervous System

           Ian A. Grassam, D.C.

                       “Chiropractic Philosophy”

1994    David Chapman-Smith, LL.B. (Hon) F.I.C.C. (Hon)

Developments in Research and Developments in the Law and Clinical Guidelines

1994    Pran Manga, Ph.D.

Inter-professional Relationships, Impact of the Manga Report and The Future of the Chiropractic Profession

1995    Brad Hayes, D.C.

Utilization Review of Chiropractic Claims

1996    Robert P. Sherman, J.D.

Developing Malpractice Strategies

1996    Robert P. Sherman, J.D.

Effective Strategies in Risk Management

1996    Scott Cramer, D.C., D.A.B.C.O. and Lester Cramer, M.D.

Beyond Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:  The Other Tunnels You Need to Know

David Seaman, D.C.

Nutritional Biochemistry

1997    Russell Leonard

Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment Codes

1997    March 15-16 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and David Dickey, M.S., D.C.

                        Laboratory Evaluation”

1997    April 12-13 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Scott Banks, D.C., F.I.C.C.

                        Scoliosis and Spinal Curvatures

1997    June 7-8 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Jim Lehman, D.C.

                        Lumbar Anomalies and Degeneration

1997    July 19-20 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and   Jim Lehman, D.C.

                        Lumbar and Pelvic Strain, Sprain and Complications

1997    September 13-14 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Jim Lehman, D.C.

          “Biomechanics of the Spine and C.M.T.

1997    October 11-12 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Jim Lehman, D.C.

                        Physical Modalities

1997    November 1-2 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Jim Lehman, D.C.

                        Rehabilitation and Exercise”

1998    January 24-25 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Richard Ackerman, D.C.

                        Impairment Ratings

1998    June 27-28 Orthopedics D.A.B.C.O. and Timothy Ray, D.C.

                        “ Immobilization”

1999    October 1-3 John K. Hyland, D.C., D.A.B.C.R., D.A.B.C.O.

                        “Rehabilitation of Acute and Chronic Conditions”

2000    July 29-30 Malik Slosberg, D.C.

                        “Validating Chiropractic in Literature”

  1. July 19-22

Symposium 2001: “The Primary Care Chiropractic Physician-Clinical Skills

                                                         Development” DABCI continuing education

2001    October 12-13 Daniel P. Dock, D.C.

Injuries Sustained in Low Impact Collisions

2002    June 15  “HIPPA Privacy Law Compliance

2002    July 18-21

            Symposium 2002: “The Primary Care Chiropractic Physician Symposium

                                                DABCI continuing education


2003    September 12-14 Leander Eckard, D.C. and John Brimhall, D.C.

2004    July 8-11

Symposium 2004: “Primary Care for Chiropractic Physician- Clinical Skills

                                          Development” DABCI continuing education   

  1. December 17-18 Anthony Hamm, D.C.

                        “Coding and Documentation from A to Z”

2006    Brad Hayes, D.C.

“Risk Management:  Documentation, Coding and Compliance Issues”      

2006    Jack Kessinger, D.C., N.D., D.A.C.B.I.

                        “Blood InterpretationWorkshop,  DABCI continuing education   

  1. July 20-22

Symposium 2007


Advanced Immunology &Endocrinology

Dr Kellerman, M.D.

Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MT

Evaluating Immunity
N. Rowan Richards, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., F.I.A.C.A., F.I.C.C.

The Missing Half of the Viscerosomatic Reflex
Gary Gordon, MD

The 2 faces of Vitamin C
Russell Jaffe,  MD, Ph.D.

Inflammation and Pain : Surprising Good News

2007    November 03-04


Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

  1. June 28-29, 2008


Functional Endocrinology

2009    December 05-06

            Brad Hayes, D.C.

            Rehabilitation: Protocols for Performance & Payment

2010    February 13-14

           Malignant Diseases, Aids and their Management and Treatment

           Wayne Sodano, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.

2010    August 14

            Reimbursement Issues for the Chiropractic Office

            Harold Ehrenberg, D.C., Charles Herring, D.C., and Patrick Clawson, D.C.

2011    January 19-21

            Manipulation Under Anesthesia

            Southern California University of Health Sciences

2011    July 15-17

            2011 D.A.B.C.I. Symposium, Caring for the Female Patient

            Northwestern Health Sciences University

2012    November 10

            Risk Management for the Chiropractic Office

2012    December 15-16

            The Big Easy of Documentation, Coding, and Compliance  

2014    May16-18

            Better Together Symposium DABCI-DABCN Denver, CO.

2015    June 27-28

            Medical Examiners Training N.R.C.M.E





1994    Chiropractic Association of Louisiana, Continuing Education Instructor

Rapid Assessment of the Upper Spine, Lower Spine and Extremities


1995    American Association for Medical Transcription, Medical Center of Baton Rouge     

           Terminology Relevant to the Practice of Chiropractic”


1997    Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, MO., Post-graduate faculty for

           Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Internist


1997    Arthritis Foundation of Greater Baton Rouge Support Group

            Rehabilitation Hospital of Baton Rouge

           Understanding Connective Tissue Disorders


1997    Chiropractic Association of Louisiana

            Claims, Utilization and Prior Authorization for Medicaid”


1997    University of New Orleans Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

            ENCE- 3386Principles of Transportation and Highway Engineering

            Course presentation Low Speed Rear End Collision”

            Implications in Traffic safety and design

            Guest Lecturer for: Judy Perkins, Ph.D.


1998    National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL. Post-graduate faculty for

           Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Internist


1998    Ochsner Clinic of Baton Rouge Physicians Continuing Medical Education Series

            Course presentation Chiropractic Integration for Low Back and Neck Pain


1998    University of New Orleans Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

            ENCE-3386 Principles of Transportation and Highway Engineering Course          

            presentation Human Kinetics and Biomechanics of Injury 

            Guest Lecturer for: Judy Perkins, Ph.D.


1999    “Chiropractic Radiographic Assistance Technologist” course taught for the

            Chiropractic Association of Louisiana for state certification


2000    Ochsner Clinic of Baton Rouge Physicians Continuing Medical Education Series

            Course presentation “Chiropractic Care for Cervical Degenerative Joint

            Disease and Occipital Headaches



2000    “Chiropractic Radiographic Assistance Technologist” course taught for the

            Chiropractic Association of Louisiana for state certification


2011    January – March

            “Vibrant Living”

            Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at LSU


2011    September-October

            “Vibrant Living”

            Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at LSU



            2006    Medical Training College December Graduation


  • State of Louisiana, Department of Health and Hospitals Chiropractic Medicaid Pilot  Program, January 20,1997 to April 20, 1997
  • Unisys- State Administrator for Louisiana Medicaid Program and Surveillance and Utilization Review Subsystem, April 20, 1997 to current
  • Comprehensive Medical Review- Forensic Consultant, Claims Review, 1998-Current



  • Louisiana Chiropractic Association
    • District 6 Representative, 1988 - 1989
    • Chairman Archives and Resource Committee, 1989 - 1993
  • Louisiana State Board of Examiners Peer Review, 1992 -1994
  • American Chiropractic Association Council on Internal Disorders and Diagnosis
  • American Academia of Chiropractic Physicians
  • First Choice IPA Board of Directors, 1994 – current
  • Louisiana State Board of Examiners Peer Review, 2003-current
  • Louisiana State Board of Examiners Peer Review, sub-Chairman Impaired Physicians    Chairman-Committee,  November 2006-current





  • Degeneration of Vertebral Joint Articular and Para-Articular Structures in Post Traumatic   Injuries (Microstructure)

Printed in:  Case Management Manual of Physical Therapy

Published:  Logan College Department of Physical Therapy

  •       Guide to Utilization and Prior Authorization for Louisiana Medicaid and Chiropractic     Service , Published for use by Unisys and LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals Services-   



  • Louisiana # 611
  • Missouri # 5057
  • Diplomate International Board of Chiropractic Internal Diagnosis and  Preventative    Medicine  (D.I.B.C.D.P.M.)   #109 - May 1990
  • Certified, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certificate #23518
  • Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Internist (D.A.B.C.I.) #35 November 1991           A.C.A. Council on Internal Disorders