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We start with Care that is individually patient directed towards healthy.   What do you want and need along with providing the information for a real informed decision.  So what is different about coming here? What we do at the office starts before you even get here.  For you – it is knowing that if it is some “simple help me quick type fix you really need” we have that covered and will help you get on with life as quickly as possible.   Simple call or if you want to work on-line, send a request on-line for an appointment.   Then you will get call to schedule the time and day that works best for your schedule.  We can then send a secure link to fill out the forms on-line.  When you come in the health history and problem list paperwork is loaded and ready to review- that simple. 

But if you have multiple problems we have more than your back, neck, and pain answers. 

The list of laboratory and diagnostic tests, that most on the road of sick care is long.   The searching for a true alternative opinion that is science-based is unfortunately often limited, with these choices:  

  1. Go to their family doctor and do or take what the doctor orders.
  2. Go online in an attempt to self-diagnose their problem
  3. Order the supplement they saw advertised on television
  4. Ask a friend (one who is typically involved in a multilevel marketing company) who sells supplements or essential oils (etc.) for their advice.

The problem with the above Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches to getting better - Is it usually has little too no chance of helping.  Today YOU DO HAVE a New Choice - that will not involve medications.

The simple answer is yes - science does support the notion that the body does have elaborate mechanisms in place to promote healing and health.  Finding someone who is not into slick ads, but has been studies the subject of functional health care for over 30 years and is continuing to learn the new information is not that easy to find.  The information has changed greatly as our knowledge base has grown.   Most who are seeking out our help have already been subjected to an endless, expensive, and often non-productive parade of testing.   The answer always ends with a new prescription or some other invasive intervention type of pain management.     

Before I set on trying to help I will first take the interest and time to find out about you: by getting a background of what is your health challenges.  I will also provide some information for understanding the scientific bases of the alternative options.   It is not “alternative science” that the inconvenient truth that the United States of America according to World Health Organization Patient Facts we are ranked 37th, in healthcare of the world.  That is not an endorsement of the most expensive healthcare in the world.  That is to say: 11 below Saudi Arabia, and 27 behind Japan.   Most do not want and can’t afford more of this type of care.  

So as Newsweek reports among the High-Income Nations the United States is the worse.  


“All meaningful and lasting change starts from the inside” “Some wizards are good others not so much- choose wisely”

- Lou Tice


What I am offering is an alternative approach.    I am Robert Smith DC, Baton Rouges only Chiropractic Internist and want to help you stay healthy until the end of the journey home.   Baton Rouge Chiropractic Internist.   I am here to helping. 


“Life is a voyage that is homeward bound.”

-Herman Melville-