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Services Offered at Baton Rouge Chiropractic & Nutrition



We are committed to finding the cause of your problem by blending functional medicine & functional health-care and correcting it in the safest, easiest way possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical centers. Our services include (alternative and allopathic):
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Adrenal Gland Stress Testing

In addition to hormone balance, proper adrenal gland function is important for optimal health. Stress can greatly affect adrenal function, and an accurate reading of the adrenal gland function is vital to providing an accurate diagnosis.
Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis helps to determine your muscle mass in comparison to your body fat. Maintaining muscle mass is very important in some more serious illnesses, and in weight loss management.
Chiropractic Care

Dr. Smith provides the most up-to-date treatments for spinal conditions. Using conventional spinal adjustments as well as the Activator method of spinal treatment, we can provide treatment for all types of individual needs.
Physical Medicine is used to help speed recovery and help aide in pain relief. We offer many different types of therapy to specifically suit your needs:
Hand Applied Soft Tissue Work (Myofascial release or trigger point therapy) is used with to help break up muscle spasms and to aide in relaxation so spinal adjustments can have their greatest effect.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation is used to break up muscle spasms and help reduce pain.
Micro Current Therapy is a sound wave therapy mixed with a very low electrical current. This device works on the cellular level. By stimulating cells, we can provide almost immediate changes in an injured area, thus helping to stop pain.
and stimulate the healing process all in one treatment.
Exercise Devices & Stabilization Exercises that will aide in recovery from injuries, Dr. Smith has considerable training in treatment for long standing conditions. After doing an individual muscle balance assessment, he will determine specific stabilization exercises for your exact situation. The goal of employing stabilization exercises is to find a solution for long-standing spinal pain.
Computerized Nutritional Assessment

The most advanced nutritional assessment currently available.
Customized Nutritional Therapy

Each person is a unique biological individual. This is why simply taking bunches of various vitamins and minerals are not as effective as determining what specific vitamins or minerals a body requires, and in the appropriate combination and dosage. Our customized nutrition approach is specifically designed to what your body requires to bring it back into proper chemical balance and good health.
ELISA Allergy Test

In Louisiana, our common allergens are molds, airborne allergens such as pollen, and environmental chemical pollutants.
These tests are used for both Immediate and Delayed Onset Reactions. Allergies can cause or aggravate almost any physical symptom, especially muscle and joint pain. Dr. Smith uses laboratories that specialize in both immediate allergy testing and delayed or hidden allergy testing. Delayed onset reactions occur 2 hours to several days after contact. Additional allergens are tested with the most accurate methods incorporating blood testing for foods additives and allergies, preservatives, food colorings, toxic metals, animal dander, antibiotics and antiinflammatory agents, pharmacoactive agents and dental filling materials.
Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis is utilized to measure for any toxic metal exposure where the toxic metals are leaving the body through the hair and nails. This test is also used to identify low mineral availability to the body, and is a good indicator of mineral use by the body.
Hormone Testing

As we get older, our hormones adjust to new levels. Daily stress, overall poor physical health, and chemical toxins in our environment all contribute to improper hormone balance. Using only Certified Labs, Dr. Smith ensures the accuracy of the hormones tested. This is important for females of all ages and older males.
Laboratory Blood Services

We provide accurate and quick turnaround for the tests requested.
Cholesterol Profiles
Cardiac Screens
Blood sugar testing
Metabolic - Body Testing
Thyroid, Iron and B 12 Deficiencies
Calcium and other mineral levels
Liver, Kidney, and Digestive Functions
Candida and Digestive Testing
Candida yeast and abnormal or pathogenic bacteria can make you very ill.
By incorporating comprehensive testing methods, abnormalities can be identified.
Nutritional Supplements and Support

With proper testing, an accurate diagnosis can be made. Dr. Smith uses only the most accurate laboratories throughout the country, and he takes the time to do it right.
Nutritional supplements and support is essential to allow the body to heal itself naturally. We carry a wide variety of nutritional supplements in our office to offer our patients effective natural agents to help your body with everything from a cold or flu to natural regulation of body functions such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels. We also offer many supplements for infants and children that are easier for them to take. Taking nutritional supplements should be used to help restore normal function and health to your body. Our supplements are not used to simply control symptoms or as a long-term natural replacement for a prescription drug. It is our goal to help you be healthy without continuing to take a multitude of supplements.
Because our supplements are used in specific combinations and dosages for the treatment of specific illness, we only offer supplements to our patients. In order for these products to be safe and effective, Dr. Smith should closely monitor their use.
Dr. Smith has selected professional-only product lines that have a higher commitment to quality than most consumer brands. Most manufacturers have been even been thru the NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association) GMP (good manufacturing practices) Certification Program. This program is based upon third party inspections of member suppliers and comprehensive audits of their GMP programs in the areas of Personnel, Plant and Grounds, Sanitation, Equipment, Quality Operations, Production and Process Controls, and Warehouse, Distribution, and Post-Distribution Practices.

To help stabilize the spine and to help with knee/foot/ankle pain, custom-made orthotics can be employed.
Osteoporosis Testing

Bone health requires the diagnostic screening of mainly two tests. Blood and hair analysis for mineral availability and hormone testing for proper stimulation of the bone cells is available.
Physical Examination

Dr. Smith specializes in finding the true cause of a problem. Using a thorough history of your health, we can ascertain where you are with your health, and where you need to go. By taking the time to do a thorough history, Dr. Smith will be able to explain what specialized tests you will need to answer your health care questions.

A urinalysis is important to, to test for the presence of sugar, red or white blood cells and to rule out bladder and kidney disorders.
Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Smith offers several weight loss programs. Each person is carefully screened to identify what type of program would be best for that person's needs.
A popular misconception held by the people is that the American diet supplies sufficient levels of all the nutrients needed by the body. The truth is that imbalances and excesses characterize our Western diet.