Patient Center

This is the experience that will bring you closer to good health.
Here you will find information regarding your visit:
  • Patient Education Videos
  • All forms for you to complete at your convenience before your first visit
  • Insurance and payment information
  • What you can do to prepare for your doctor’s appointment. Or
  • NOTE: If you contact our office you can log into our secure patient Kiosk and enter this information directly into your patient records to save time !) 
  • The time you have with your doctor is very important to your health. So be sure to read this checklist to prepare so we can answer your questions. 
How may I help you?
  1. Thorough and complete examination and history, with labs when medically necessary 
  2. Complete report of your results and plan of action for you
  3. Education and instruction to understand your condition
  4. Specific care recommendations and information including diet, lifestyle and home care procedures
  5. Effective, scheduled on-time office visits
  6. Periodic examinations to evaluate your progress
  7. Disease prevention and wellness strategies
  8. Honor and respect your health care goals



I had a car accident what do I need to know
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