Auto Accident Chiropractic Care by a Chiropractic Internist is all about the Restoration of a Healthy returning to Better health!

Auto accidents can be bad enough to make you hurt

- even if you are in decent shape.  

     Just ask any of the insurance adjusters, judges, or welders

I have treated over the years.  People that have to use there necks

to make a living; whether its on a computer or welding a pipe it is

essential that your neck lets you do your work. 

They have all been surprised that a rear-end collision or

side impact really can make something that painful.  The

biomechanical activities of the neck and spine are amazing.

     But the biggest problem is when you’re not in perfect shape or

even worse have other health issues that make the pain even

MORE pronounced and slow the healing process of soft tissue.  

Problems types that promote underline 

inflammation pain, being over weight 

like that of metabolic syndrome - Type 2 Diabetes, 

 fibromyalgia,  and chronic headaches of the jaw or migraines. 

Inflammation is a cumulative problem that makes getting

the right types of help even more important.

These are not just a type of Sports related Injury problem.

Healing the athletic person is much easier. 

Because people with these health problems are not athletes,

this is why passive motion type treatments

and even exercise along will not

heal ligaments and cartilage the same

way due to back ground inflammation formed by the

two phenomena called Metabolic Endotoxemia and

Intracellular Hypercalcinosis. 

The beginning of any effective treating of a condition

is acknowledging its existence and understanding the problem.

This require knowledge about different 

drivers of the inflammatory mechanisms seen

routinely as complications in people

with these kinds of health problems.

The ones who already have other nagging problems.

The neck and back pain from the accident

is just makes the pre-existing health problems 

even more pronounced than

before the added problem from the accident.

Even if you have problems -that are made worse

by the accident - my goal is to help get back as much 

of your life as possible.  


The added insult too the injury of an accident

-can make life overwhelming. 

Take the right step

NOW and

Don't be part of the 1 in 4-

involved in this kind of injury

and become the chronic 

pain patients.  Insist on the

alternative choice.

  You don’t have to suffer – answers are

available that will help speed your recovery from an accident and

may even leave you with hope that you didn’t have before the


     This answer is without giving you a new prescription

medication to add to your collection.  

Almost 50 percent of the

adults over the age of 21 have some

OTHER health issues in Louisiana. 

Consider consulting with

someone who is capable of using natural means for the reducing

of pain caused by inflammation  and keenly aware of how to help

you with both the pain of the accidents and the nagging stuff

that you have

been putting up with – for too long...


     What do you have to do to lose the pain that is holding you

back.   Make the right choice for you to start moving better.    

These types of pain combination problems

are the very type of problems that can lead to 

Opioid Pain 

Management dependence

or worse. 


Remember as many as 25% of whiplash patient end-up with chronic pain.  Starting with the right information and you may improve your odds from 1 in 4.